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The Boomer Business Owner with Charlie Poznek: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs | Online Business | Coaching

Mar 30, 2015

Erlend Bakke is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and #1 international, bestselling author.  His current companies are Mr. Outsource, YouSpin, and 3sixtyfactory.  Erlend speaks on the topics of entrepreneurship with focus on how to automate and outsource your business to avoid the trap of becoming a...

Mar 27, 2015

Angela Saunders is a Chartered Psychologist who specialises in social and business skills training.  She has worked with eminent environmentalists, medical specialists and corporate organisations to support their workforce as well as individuals who have come to her for personal development, life skills training or work...

Mar 25, 2015

Juan Salazar has trained thousands of people to leverage the power of video marketing to generate unlimited traffic and sales in a very simple way.  His methods give entrepreneurs something that is much needed in today’s economy: a shortcut to create and promote additional streams of income in their lives.

Mar 23, 2015

Matt Mansfield is the President of Matt About Business, where he helps solopreneurs convert their expertise into content that attracts business opportunities online.  He also authored the book, "The Beginners Guide to Content Marketing for Small Businesses".

Mar 20, 2015

Tom Schwab is a pioneer in inbound marketing, leading industry consultant, author, and speaker.  He is the owner of 2 companies: Goodbye Crutches, a direct-to-consumer company, and an inbound eCommerce consulting company called Inbound for eCommerce.